Zanimiva.com has been established in 2016 as an outsourced business service start-up. zanimiva.com is the sole proprietorship owned and operated by Mitja Brgant. With wast experiences gained over twenty years of field operations, I have decided to start my own business operations.

Business operations are focused on fields from which I have gained experiences throughout my entire life in multiple aspects of everyday problem-solving.

Generally said, I am a freelancer in fields of:
– New Business Development
– New Product & Service Development
– New Market Development
– Business Recovery& Reorganization
– Sales Development
– Business Agencies and Affiliates

Main sectors of operations are:
– International sales
– Packaging
– Business Education
– Entertainment
– Business Digitalization

Zanimiva.com is on a mission to establish positive individual value-added service for customers. Future is bringing dynamic lifestyle. This includes the downfall of traditional static jobs. Each individual should and will have to take a look at his or her self-values and contributing a part to the environment. From personal to professional life, each individual needs to be aware that he or she is solely responsible for life quality and happiness. This is my obligation as well. I will use my knowledge in order to add value, financial or non-tangible to my operational environment. The idea is worth nothing. Being active on the idea is priceless.

Consultancy is project orientated, where every project becomes unique consulting product. Basis for every project is contractual agreement where project tasks and goals are determined. For each project separate Project File is generated.

Consulting market is one of fastest growing markets. With new business development, business expansions and ever-changing business environment, independent consulting is becoming one of most needed products in the market.

Main operative consulting markets for entity are:

  • Packaging
  • IT services: web sales, ERP, CRM
  • Human resource training
  • Personal / Business Coaching

Consulting pricing is formed on business needs. Since every project is unique pricing per project is calculated separately, for budgeting purposes base-consulting price list is formed and presented in Project Folder. Informational Price List consists on net hourly price, where travel, marketing and special position pricing is not included.

Main price list groups are:

  • Market development
  • Product development consultations
  • IT consulting
  • Technical marketing approach
  • Sales consulting and training
  • Internal organisation consultation

zanimiva.com is performing active task execution for contracted partners; from simple tasks to full event project.

Main fields of operations are:

  • Coaching and training
  • Educational programs
  • Technical conferences
  • Event management

Agency representation defines all activities where we are directly or indirectly through different sub-entities, performing representation of third party products and services.

In majority of case agency representation is applied in cases of new market development. This might be with existing or new products or services.

Contractor’s needs are reviewed and evaluated. Depending on business and/or product maturity we prepare a rollout plan which suites resources and achieves best results. During process we prepare business MED – minimum effective dose – steps and tasks.

Each and every project is carefully evaluated and tailored to specific needs.

Geo-Market is European Union countries, while North America is becoming a part of cooperative regions through third parties. With international activities we are able to receive and use large pool of information and knowledge in order to constantly be upgrading our skill set. Variety of tools in the box delivers wide range of industries where our activities are being performed.

For everyone that would like to know more about our agency portfolio, or are looking for representative agent, please do contact us.

Please do note that on basis of our Non Disclosure Agreement every information gained or given needs to be protected in accordance to the agreement.