IOOW – Environment

About IOOW – Environment

We are all aware of environmental issues around us as well as global topics we need to address. I think we should all consider what results our lifestyle brings on the table.
For past two decades I am operating in packaging segment. I have seen effects of packaging first hand; from good practices to head-ache approaches towards packaging as such. The mere complexity of the subject is problematic from ground up. It does seem that we are definitely doing far too less in order to sustain our life in normal matter. Packaging as such is one of the future opportunities; not only from the perspective of environment, but also as good business niche and future expertise profession.
Within this segment I will write about different packaging aspects for I believe that general public has far too less inside into a subject that is highly intertwined with our lives. Take a look around you. How many things around you have NOT been packaged prior to usage? Sure packaging is and has been crucial for humanity to develop and prosper, but will it become also undertaker of our lifestyle?
Parts of what my writings will be about will also be found in a book I am writing for past year or so. I guess it will be finish somewhere in the future, who knows.

Mitja Brgant
2018, Jan, 10th