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About IOOW – Life

This one is more or less personal. About life. Being one in billions I have same issues and problems as the next guy. Positive and negative aspects of myself. Jing and Jang so to say. Once again as we all do.
Somehow it occurred to me that there are so many things that I have had to overcome in may life is not unique, but has been done by so many before me. Age of information is giving us tremendous opportunity to harvest knowledge at an astonishing rate and use it on the fly. Amazing. Until now I have been sort of afraid to talk about it. But why is that? Is it because I have bee frighten that I will not be accepted. Well, there is nothing wrong with me telling about a problem and how I solved it right. When you are doing that on a day to day communication it is far harder. It becomes too personal.
I am aware that each one of us has a unique situation and aspects of such situation are often not clear. That is why I will put in written form, well try to. Writing about my own perspective with sources (links) to what I found on the digital highway.

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