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About IOOW – Entertainment

Entertainment industry as such is large. From tourism, cinemas, sports to music and art, hobbies. There are so many segments and layers to it.
At the end of the day Entertainment industry is nothing short of anything that is moving cash for joy.
I (and we as teams) move mainly in music and event management. I do have many experiences in sports industry as well in Europe as well as North America, however last periods of life have been dedicated to music and events.
There are many topics where we (I) are strong and many where we (and I) are learning from scratch. Acquiring new knowledge is something that brings so much joy for we can append it to past experience and projects get whole new perspective.
First thing is first. I have been asked to manage a band. This is how I have been pulled back into entertainment. As soon as I went on board, I remembered the joy of being a part of it. Honestly, I think it is something we all (or majority of us) wanted to do, to become. Sportsmen, artists, something what you see on TV. Well, some of us (or them) have had this urge fro more than just few months in adolescence and they have went on their own path to become someone in the entertainment industry.
So, I have been invited to participate and I love it. I must say that I am amazed on the speed how everything is developing and changing. And I am happy to be participating in it.

Mitja Brgant
2018, Jan, 10th

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