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Dear readers,
Let’s get one thing clear. These are our own words. All the words we will be writing must be considered as our thoughts, ideas and philosophy. We tend to get strange at times with our ideas. Please don’t take our words as facts nor as fiction. Don’t take them as rules.
We as all of us are mere students of life in general. Things we have learned are being shared here. As collaborative discussion base for segments where we operate.
In the beginning, I would like to say that words written here are sometimes mine, sometimes from our colleagues, sometimes we will be posting your letters. Who knows.
The whole point is that we feel that we need to write about something. Why you might ask; well simply because it burns us not to share our thoughts. Some are cool, some twisted, but in general, all of them tend to be positive and progressive.
I have made many steps in this life in many different forms and levels of our complicated lives. On one side I have had a successful corporate career, developed successful businesses and projects. On the other side of things, I have made so many mistakes and I really made terrible decisions along the way.
I earned lots of money, as well as lost it. It is a simple circle of life for people that try and push forward. Now I know I am not alone. There is many of us out there and we all try to do something different.
Sometimes I will be writing in the first person sometimes as a team member, but that’s just the way I am. Most times I am working as a team member in teams in different fields and sometimes I let my monkeys do their thing.
A friend of mine asked how can I be operating in so many different fields. A simple answer is – I am not. It is one life and everything, from businesses to hobbies, private lives to public engagements have become one big bowl of mix soup. Everything and everyone is connected. With modern technologies even more so. And that is what is all about. Connecting the dots and having fun, living a full life.

Mitja Brgant
2018, Jan, 10th

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